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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Pakistan

You cannot buy property in Pakistan without using a real estate agent. If you try, you’ll probably get ripped off or buy a worthless property with too much hassle. However, when you enter the market, you find too many real estate agents offering services at different commission rates.

Therefore, this situation puts you in doubt. You think: how can I find the best property for myself. Well, this post is all about that.

Here are 10 useful tips to hire a Real Estate agent in Pakistan.

Let’s begin! 

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1. Always Hire a Pro

Many people in the real estate industry pose as real estate agents. However, most of them do it as a side hustle. This is why they cannot guarantee you quality service and dedicate enough time to your work. So, stay away from part-time cheaters.

Always go with a professional real estate agent who has a head office and who does it as a full-time job. Otherwise, you can get scammed or waste your time with small offers and discussions.

2. Go with the Most Experienced Person

Real estate trading is a difficult business. Many factors change the price and affect the sale. A new real estate agent may not give you the value you need. This is because investors and landlords always turn to experienced real estate agents.

Otherwise, you can get scammed or waste your time with small offers and discussions.

3. It’s Good to Get Referrals

When you are in doubt and cannot decide on a property after interviewing several people, then it is best to seek advice from friends, family and colleagues. This way you will get an agent with a proven track record.

Most times, you get the best person for your job through recommendations.

4. Go with The Pro Who Has Local Knowledge

You will have many options on your table. But there is one question: can your real estate agent get you the best deal in your specific area?

Well, a realtor with local knowledge and connections can get you the best deal. So, choose a person who knows everything in your specific area. Never hire a person who has never been to your location. It would be a blunder.

5. Choose the Right Type of Realtor

Some real estate agents are experts in residential land and some are experts in commercial real estate transactions. So you know what type of property you want to buy or sell. Therefore, you must choose a real estate agent who is experienced in your specific type of real estate. This way your deal will never go down. Plus, you’ll be save time.

6. Stick with the Agent Who Understands your Price Range

Real estate is a game of money. This is why you will find many real estate agents pricing you too high for the property you want or too low a price for the property you need to sell. Therefore, it can also stress you out. But out of all the agent options, it’s wise to choose a real estate agent who understands your price range and never tries to stab you in the back.

7. Don’t Go with a Buying Realtor

Many real estate agents play games with clients. When you show them your property, they will give you a price at which they can sell. But in reality, they will sell it for more and keep the difference for themselves. These are known as buying real estate agents. So stay away from them. In the end, you will always be deceived.

8. Go with Realtor Who Matches with Your Personality

Some people are aggressive in their relationships and others are passive. But most people want complete transparency in their relationships. Well, you have a personality and you know it all. So you need to find a real estate agent that matches your personality. Otherwise, you will have problems when buying or selling. This is because real estate agents always try to cloud the judgment of the client with their words. So find a real estate agent that you can easily manage without incurring any losses in the end.

10. Always Trust Your Gut Feeling

Your sixth sense always tells you when something is wrong. It will always be your instincts that save you from bad people. So, when interviewing real estate agents, you should trust your instincts. If a person seems sleazy, never hire them, no matter the slippery talk or promises.

Wrap Up

Use the ten tips above to find the best realtor for yourself. Remember, always trust your instincts for each person. This will save you from future problems.

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